Public and private security

The ability to communicate quickly, clearly and effectively is an essential requirement for both public and private security service providers, for which state-of-the-art solutions and hardware are required, resistant to any environment that allows instant communication with their equipment and suppliers, the faster and clearer we are, the more lives can be protected.

Service delivery and rapid accessibility to critical service providers are vital.
Workers providing security services are often in inaccessible areas and out of coverage…making traditional two-way radio communication obsolete.

Why choose us?

Can your department really afford to continue working on a complex, expensive, limited coverage, broken, and maintenance-intensive communications system?

Servitron offers a complete solution, not just a product. Our solutions eliminate the high maintenance costs of repeater sites, alleviate the ongoing headache of limited coverage, and offer the ability to interconnect all public agencies. The police may be connected with the fire department, traffic, paramedics and civil protection.

No separate integration is required to combine two-way radio equipment and frequencies. Deployment is immediate as users can even bring their own devices (BYOD) if needed. In addition to that, within our extensive catalog of equipment, we have IP68 resistance devices, which is why they are ideal for working in the most hostile environments, regardless of whether there is water, dust, mud or they are exposed to falls.