Government and public services

Gobierno y servicios públicos The integration of immediate communication solutions allows the coordination of public and government services, facilitating the participation of security agencies in various situations; Coordinating response and mobility teams in real time represents safe locations and cities for citizens, which promotes productive and developed cities.

At the three levels of government: federal, state and municipal, communication plays a fundamental role as it allows coordination of the actions of the entities, improving the response to contingency situations and special operations.

Why choose us?

We believe that our immediate communication, control and security solutions can improve operational efficiency in various situations where interoperability and interconnection between government agencies represents an important advantage.

Inglés Gobierno y servicios públicos No separate integration is required to combine two-way radio equipment and frequencies. Deployment is immediate as users can even bring their own devices (BYOD) if needed. In addition to that, within our extensive catalog of equipment, we have IP68 resistance devices, which is why they are ideal for working in the most hostile environments, regardless of whether there is water, dust, mud or they are exposed to falls.