Hospitality, tourism and entertainment

Currently there are thousands of hotels, entertainment centers and massive events of various categories, each one of them with specific needs according to the type of client, size, location, etc.

However, they all agree on the need to have effective communication systems that allow information to flow in all directions and thus meet the requirements of daily operations in an immediate and timely manner.

Whether it is the cleaning department or even the security department, communication must be constant and instant, since it is of the utmost importance to improve the user experience, increase employee productivity and resolve business or customer problems.

Why choose us?

Our communication solutions allow clear, secure and fluid communication regardless of the physical and operational conditions of the property, since we have a wide catalog of resistant equipment, as well as easy integration with already established systems. Since the implementation is immediate, this way users can even bring their own devices (BYOD) if necessary.

In addition to that, within our extensive catalog of equipment, we have IP68 resistance devices, ideal for working in the most hostile environments, regardless of whether there is water, dust, mud or they are exposed to falls.